12 febrero 2008

beeeeeee (la vaca borrega)

La semana pasada sólo corrí un día, sobre todo debido al cansancio exesivo provocado por no dormir bien (Sandra tosiendo toda la noche y pateándome).
Hoy dije ni maiz: corro porque corro, ya van dos noches que duermo bien. Pues no aguanté ni siquiera lo de la semana pasada. Claro, no ayuda que no desayuné ni me hidraté.
Tengo que hacerlo. TENGO. Pero no me veo con mucho optimismo.


At 7:13 p. m., julio 27, 2009, Blogger taysmommy said...

No clue whata single word means on your blog :) hehe

Ryann's top reasons she would love to come to Mexico and watch that cute kid of yours!

1. I wanna learn how to make fish tacos

2. Sandra can tell me kinds of dirt on her mama

3. I might even pick up word or 2 in spanish.

4. I can learn how to make those cute little bug critters.

5. sandra and Tay can entertain me by sandra wearing her bee costume and Tay wearing her duck costume.

6. I wanna see your kiddos smile in person! I swear she must light up a room with that smile!

7. Because you and Baldy need a date night!

8. Because you and Baldy need a date night!

9. Because you and Baldy need a date night!

10. Because you and Baldy need a date night!

Soooo I kinda got stuck after 6 reasons but you get the picture! lol!

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